About Us

eric ringAdventureLand NY Training Grounds (previously known as Ring Homestead Camp) has been family owned since 1978.  We offer children and adults of all ages a variety of outdoor activities that promote fun, safety, and education. Participants engage in activities to challenge them both physically and mentally and provide opportunities for building team spirit, collaboration, increasing self-esteem, improving self-confidence, and developing problem solving strategies. 
We have over 55 activities, containing both high and low elements, to challenge participants.  The course is inspected every year and is fully insured. 
Eric Ring purchased the family business in 1999 which was a 35acre team building and leadership operation. Since then Eric has created one of the largest ropes course and team building/leadership facilities in the country and has expended it to over 70acres. 
Eric is a master trainer and designer for leadership and personal growth programs. He has created and facilitated hundreds of customized programs for multi million dollar companies like Peak Potential, Success Resources, Fordham University and many others. He delivers programs around the world. Some of his most common locations are US, Canada, Malaysia, Spain. 
Eric is also a retired police officer with over 25 years experience. He has worked undercover narcotics and is a certified FBI fire arm instructor.  
His ability to interact with all cultures and personalities, allows him to have the insight to develop such amazing programs.